Friday, March 13, 2009

The best is yet to come...

One year on……
March 8th 2009, what would have been a significant date for Malaysians in general, passed as quietly as it had come. To many Anak Bangsa Malaysia, it was just another day.
The anniversary of the 8th March 2008 Political Tsunami was not celebrated as much as I would like to have seen. Than again, there was not much to celebrate.
During this year, we witnessed the death of democracy and the voice of the rakyat in Perak. This is particularly sad as I am a proud Perakian. However, I still believe that Democracy can and will be “resurrected” .
Many of my fellow Malaysians have over the many months lamented that “things are not happening even with the Pakatan Rakyat government – what’s happening?”
I questioned the same in the early months after March8th 2008. Than I realized that it is not enough just to complaint – get into it and help get things moving! Initially, I was determined that PR does not keep using the excuse of “we just got in – give us some time” Thus I got myself in and volunteered myself to help in Selangor.
I can honestly state that the PR government is doing their best to get things moving and bring in changes. This is despite the frustrations and sabotages that they have to face even from amongst the civil servants. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure happening – that things are being done in the best interest of the Rakyat in general, with transparency.
Change management is not an easy task to handle. We have a mindset that has developed for over at least one generation – it takes time.
Some of the PR leaders themselves are products of the past 50 year’s thinking and methodology of doing things. All of us,also grew up in this same culture – thus we cannot just expect changes politically. We as concerned citizens and Anak Bangsa Malaysia must also make that commitment within ourselves to change.
From the governance point, PR has appointed a mix of people, both party and from amongst the professionals into the local councils. This is perhaps the first step towards re-introducing Local Government Elections.
Many of us, may not even know of this or understand what it means. The councilors, at this lowest level of governance are doing the best under difficult circumstances. In some local councils we see better results than in others but we keep moving forward.
The politicians at the state and executive levels – some still have the “mind-set” as mentioned above. Instead of allowing the councilors to do their job, they try to “influence” and exert their authority. Can we blame them: they were approached and pressured by the rakyat (their voters) and they must be seen to do something? So it goes back to my earlier argument that we ourselves must change our mindset.
We must put in the effort t o do things in the proper way. That “kau tim” mentality must no longer be practiced. We can and must use our influences in a positive way. More importantly, we must educate others within our circle of influence to do likewise.
Changes must come from the people and not just from the politicians. The rakyat must have the political will to change, we must walk the talk.
First we put our crosses in the ballot paper for change; now let us walk that talk and begin the walk for change.
This is just the beginning, better things are in store; let that change begin with ourselves!