Saturday, May 31, 2014

June 2014, here we come

I bid farewell to the late Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak n congratulate HRH Raja Dr Nazrin.

As we enter into June 2014, my thoughts are for the families of MH370. In a weeks time, it would have been 3 months from the disapperance.

Instead of being closer to closure for the families, latest developments bring us back to square one.

The immersat data made available to the families was certainly too little and too late. What was there to hide except incompetence and more incompetence.

Do we than blame the families for being suspicious of the given data. Previously when the cockpit voice recording was released, it turned out to have been doctored.

Therefore this raw data from immersat is seen very much as "cooked" instead of raw. Nevertheless, we await analysis reports from experts which hopefully can help find MH370.

How have I personally felt over this 3 months since the disappearance of MH370?

I have of course been approached by many different media from various countries for an interview. These interviews would probably be done next weekend.

Whilst in previous interviews I have given my remarks as a friend of Captain Zaharie, limiting my comments to details of him as a pilot and a friend.

After 3 months with no where near to a closure, I would now express my disappointment with the incompetence and unprofessionalism of our authorities.

I did not believe in theories of a conspiracy but with developments over the past 3 months, I am thinking otherwise.

Inside me, I have accepted the fact that Captain Zaharie is no longer with us but without a trace of wreakage, I keep a little candle of hope burning.

One fact remains constant in my mind, conspiracy or otherwise, Captain Zaharie is a victim and not a part of it, neither a terrorist nor a fanatic. He remains a caring husband, father and a sincere friend. I am proud that he shares with me a common interest as a fan of democracy.

Captain, you are no longer here, and yes democracy here is dead. But our search for MH370 continues and our struggle to resurrect democracy here goes on.

Bless our struggle for a Better Malaysia.

Al fatihah

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