Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In Malaysia, its all kinds of everything

The past week has been a very interesting week in Malaysia both politically and socially.

Two by-elections ongoing and political protests with threats of violence and spiked with racial slurs.

Malaysian ministers making even more stupid remarks and outright electoral bribes.

But the week ended late into Sunday night with all Malaysians glued to their television sets with one heart. Sadly, the dream of bringing back the Thomas Cup remained a dream in a nail bitting point by point final set.

We moved from Ramkarpal Singh to Dyana dan ended the week with Liew Darren on the tips of our tongues.

Congratulations to Ramkarpal for being elected MP. I have full confidence he will be yet another vocal MP in the Dewan Rakyat. Let the tiger's  roar continue through Ramkarpal.

Congratulations to TeamMalaysia for uniting Malaysians with a common dream. You may not have won the Cup but TeamMalaysia certainly won the hearts of Malaysians.

However, in the midst of the good news, the week also saw the worst of a few Malaysians.

UMNO youth storming into the Penang State Assembly and the violent protest at DAP head office in KL and Kuantan is embarassing.

It is one thing when disgruntled party members do and say stupid things. However, for leaders to condone such stupidity is most unacceptable.

Condoning such undemocratic behaviour especially giving their blessings to storming the state assembly is just not on.

Adding fuel to fire is when the police, custodians of peace do not seem to be too seriuously concerned with upholding peace and the rule of law.

Party leaders instead of condemnng such action says DAP deserved what they got.

In the same week, we received the sad news that Sr Juliana succumbed to her injuries suffered in the hands of her assailants.

To be robbed and beaten whilst on the way to pray and in the compound of the church is sad indeed. And to loose your life from that injury is so unacceptable but let God's will be done. Im sure Sr Juliana is in a better place, a safer place.

Whilst crime and disrespect to the rule of law amongst Malaysians grow, what did the Minister do?

Minister Zaid went on record to threaten the Peace  Corp (RELA) members: warning them their votes are not secret:  That he knows if they vote the opposition.

He bribed them with new uniforms but only if ruling party's candidate won the Teluk Intan by-elections.

The opposition threw the spanner into the  wheel of the government's election machinery. They named a little known candidate who is young, capable and female. She is also Malay and the constituency is a mixed constituency with traditionally a Chinese representative.

Above it all, Dyana is also sweet and pretty, the government was thrown off balance.

As expected the BN machinery went into defensive mode, playing their racial and sexual inuendo weapon.

However, despite her youth and inexperience, Dyana returned every shot thrown at her. Even the seasoned DAP leaders would not have done any better than this young lady.

The best however remains with Dyana's mother whose words will remain one of  2014's quote of the year.

"I brought up my daughter to be like Mukriz but she ended up like Marina.."

If Dyana had kicked BN to the ground, her mum certainly made sure they remained sprawled.

But the best for this past week is still on MH370 when the Minister responded to why the airforce did not send their jets to intercept aircraft?

"Its a conmercial flight, do you expect us to shoot it down? ..."

Mr Minister, it may be commercial but its not supposed to be where it was. Our jets are supposed to identify it and guide it to safety.

The nation's security comes first and if at risk, YES, you shoot it down: commercial or not. No?

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Vanessa-United Kingdom said...

Re: MH370 - I just cannot believe either that your air force did not send fighter jets to intercept flight MH370 when the plane was returning over the Malaysian Peninsula. Surely they would need to check to see if the plane had become a threat, ie the plane had been hijacked and was about to be used to cause destruction like crashing into the Petronas Towers in KL or to fly alongside the plane to see if the pilots had become incapacitated or even to check if there were any problems with the plane. The whole MH370 saga is one big mess. Three months down the line and we are still no closer to learning the plane's fate. The entire world is waiting for answers.