Sunday, June 1, 2008

Positions as a Political reward - No Way!

It is sad that in the mindset of our Ministers, the positions in the GLC’s are given to people based on their political links. Thus, Mokhzani’s position in Sepang International Circuits Board was given because he was an UMNO member and the son of the than Prime Minister.

Tun Mahathir’s advisory roles in Petronas , Proton and others were because he was the ex President of UMNO.

This is probably one of the contributing factors whereby these companies are not performing as well as they should. We put in people in these companies who probably cannot make positive contributions – except for their ability to pull political strings. The above mentioned two gentlemen may be exceptions, for at least on the part of Tun, he does have excellent management skills after 22 years as Prime Minister! However, after his fall-out with the PM, his views seem no longer valuable to the Boards of Proton and Petronas; what a pity!

This brings to reason why the politicians in the Barisan National are jumping up and down like the proverbial Monkeys with Belacan on their Butt. They are hoping mad when BN party members accept positions in the Pakatan Rakyat led state governments as in Penang and Selangor.

These gentlemen truly have “service to the people” as their personal agenda – irrespective of political links. These are indeed the people we want to see serving the rakyat. I congratulate the Pakatan Rakyat state government for the pro-active move of appointing people based on ability rather than political ties.

Therefore, I await in anticipation for the announcement of Counsellors in the Selangor State local councils. I pray that the appointments will be based on ability and commitment and not political affiliations. These Counsellor positions should not be used as rewards to party members, as has happened in the previous administration. Keep these rewards within the party’s system, give them positions within the party. The counsellors in the Local Government have a very important role to play and these call for dedicated, honest and committed people – and cannot be dished out as rewards for party purposes!

Party based and thus race based politics are out of fashion in the Malaysian political arena. It is high time our politicians realise this and get things moving ahead. Catch up with the times.

This nation is not for bargain – this nation’s assets belongs to the people, not to the party, even if it is the ruling party! May the Good Lord give our BN leaders the wisdom to realise and the courage to accept this fact. Change or be changed. As for the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, move on and not staying on to dig up dirt! May the Good Lord give them the humility to realise that they were not voted in but rather that BN were voted out. Cronism was swept out with the waves of the March8 tsunami.

We are a nation of abundant resources, including human resources. Like all resources, it has to be properly utilised as otherwise it comes to nothing. Put the correct people in the correct position and Malaysia will grow in leaps and bounds. I am still proud to be Malaysian! Hidup Malaysia, Hidup Bangsa Malaysia

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