Monday, June 23, 2008

Education and Politics - HANNAH YEOH

The recent posting in YB HannahYeoh’s blog made me angry and disappointed.
SMKSU Prefects' Reunion
Few months ago, I was invited to the Prefects' Reunion of SMK Subang Utama to be held next week. I just received news that I could no longer attend the function because I'm an assemblyman from Pakatan Rakyat.
Two prefects have confirmed that the teachers have issued a threat to the prefects to withdraw their invitation to me and if not, the event would be cancelled.

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As I understand it, Education is under the Federal Jurisdiction. After the last election, the Ministry issued a ruling to all principals that they cannot invite “opposition” to officiate school functions. It was indeed a very narrow if not down right stupid thing to do.

However, in this instance, I believe the principal of the school has even carried out this ruling a step further – to control a “private” function and to the extend of “bullying” the current students and teachers.

This brings us to the issue of what is our education policy / education system? It seems like it is made to be an extension of the government’s propaganda machinery (thus an extension of UMNO). The system is not educating but rather indoctrination.

We as concerned citizens in a civil society cannot sit and do nothing about this issue. We must make our stand to safe guard and protect our education system. It is these children in our schools today that will be our leaders. What we teach them now, we will reap in the future.

Our children must be taught to respect DEMOCRACY. In a democracy, the opposition is as much a part and parcel of the system. We must teach our children to honour and respect our Wakil Rakyat irrespective of party.

Infact, all schools should be proud of the achievements of their past and present students. To be elected as a Wakil Rakyat is something to be proud of. However, just because they are from the opposition, we choose not to recognise them, than we are seriously sending a wrong message to our students.

In this case with YB Hannah Yeoh, is also becomes confusing for the students – as she is from the government. Is the school teaching its students to be disrespectful? Are we teaching our children “dirty politics” and abuse of power?

Parents who are reading this, if you do not stand up and do / say something – than we will see the destruction of our education system; and thus our future. Picking up your child and sending them overseas is not the solution! Stand up and stand united and make the Voice of the Rakyat be heard! Lets continue the change that started on the 8th of March 2008.

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