Friday, June 13, 2008

After a 100 days......

We are close to celebrating the 100 days post 8th March 2008.

What have we achieved, have we as MALAYSIANS moved forward after that great LETS CHANGE event? For those who became actively involved in Malaysian Politics, celebrating the Tsunami of 8th March, still filled with excitement and expectations?

For many, I believe, are going back into the world of disappointment. Many are disappointed that the Pakatan government has done little in terms of governing but have spent most of the 100 days digging up shit. Basic and simple things such as appointing Councillors to start getting the local government machinery moving, is still not done. They are still busy playing politics, lobbying and manouvering; not much different from the previous administration. At least, they got things moving....

The excuses of "give us some time", "hey, we just got in la" cannot continue to be used. "Move on!" is what I say. I still have faith in you guys. I do not just talk, I actually walk the talk. I am there lending a hand to help get things moving, especially with our new elected representatives. Together, let's show results!

Anyway, Happy 100 days Anniversary!