Friday, May 23, 2008

My Prayer

God grant me todaya wider view,
So I see others' faults through the eyes of You.
Teach me to judge not with hasty tongue,
Neither the adult ... nor the young.

Give me patience and grace to endure
And a stronger faith so I feel secure.
Instead of remembering, help me forget
The irritations that caused me to fret.

Freely forgiving for some offense
And finding each day a rich recompense.
In offering a friendly, helping hand
And trying in all ways to understand;

That I ...
Am trying to reach an unreachable star.
For the great and small ... the good and bad,
The young and old ... the sad and glad

Am asking today; Is life worth living?
The answer is only in, loving and giving.
For only Love can make man kind
And Kindness of Heart brings Peace of Mind.

By giving love, I can start
To lift the clouds of hate and fear.