Friday, May 9, 2008

Demi Bangsa dan Negara

Yes indeed, like many other Malaysians out there, young and old, I am willing to give up my life to defend my country. This is “tanah tumpah nya darah-ku”. This is where I was born, and this is the land I will protect and defend.

When I say, “Saya rela mengorbankan nyawa-ku untuk mempertahankan Bangsa and Negara ku..” the bangsa I mean is BANGSA MALAYSIA! Having been born after 1957, I am a Malaysian in and out. I am ANAK MALAYSIA – 100%, full stop.

Therefore, I make special reservations when we fight for the freedom of the Hindraf 5. I cannot see myself supporting the cause when it is about 5 Indian guys! However, I support the cause that we should get rid of the ISA completely. Therefore, it is not the 5 Hindraf guys freedom but all detainees held under ISA.

In the same way, I fully support Raja Petra – and the fight to abolish the Sedition Act – not for any racially motivated objectives. We defend our rights to Freedom of Speech; the rights of all of us as Bangsa Malaysia living in a free Malaysia. I will lay down my life to protect our rights for the law to protect us, the citizens of this democratic country. I will fight abuses, where politicians from whatever party it is, abuse their positions for their own goals. We as Bangsa Malaysia, cannot accept any situations where the laws are bended or short-circuited for individuals interest as is obvious in the Raja Petra case.

As a proud Bangsa Malaysia, I will not accept when parliamentarians abuse their position of immunity in the house. The people’s representative cannot and must not insult the handicapped and get away with it. Likewise when they are disrespectful to our royalty, they too should be admonished. However, if they use their position and knowledge to advise on the rights of citizen, on the provisions of the constitution; it is their duty. The parliamentarians who instead harp on and turns it into a racial issue, should be “sent to hell” (meaning to have the full extent of the law on them).

Therefore, I laud the call of the Minister to Drop the ‘ketuanan’ issue unless of course the ketuanan is followed by rakyat; ie ketuanan rakyat. Indeed, as Bangsa Malaysia, we defend our rights, Ketuanan Rakyat is paramount – we are the masters of our own Malaysian Race.

The journey is long and winding but it can be reality when we can stand up and walk the talk. Let’s join hands in this long difficult journey for a better tomorrow for our children and their children.

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