Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Vision and Prayer

And finally the Selangor State Assembly members have been sworn in. They are now officially the elected members – the Wakil Rakyat.

Congratulations to all – specially to the New Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Indeed, history has been created. This truly is the change that the Rakyat is looking for when we exercised our vote on 8th March 2008.

The new State government must also remember their role is to serve the Rakyat. Thus it is the welfare of the Rakyat that comes first before anything else. Therefore, the appointments of individuals to positions of responsibility should have this as its priority over and above the political loyalty.

It is therefore most commendable for the Penang Chief Minister to appoint a member from the opposition coalition into some of the state’s agencies. It is putting the people’s welfare first – putting the best man, in his opinion, - for the job.

I sincerely hope the Selangor State Government would also be doing this. Even having a member from BN as councillor in the local governments would be a good thing. It can automatically be a check and balance; good governance and transparency!

We must not forget that we are all human and have our own individual weaknesses. Power can corrupt as we have seen it happen before. We cannot allow that to happen again in our community. Therefore, the new State Government should put in place measures to self-check themselves and what better way than appointing even BN members into the state agencies.

Ultimately, and I repeat it again – it is the welfare of the Rakyat – that is paramount.

It is thus very sad and disappointing to read about the seating arrangements in the Johore State Assembly. Opposition ADUNs were given seats right at the back. We must not forget that Opposition and the Ruling Party, jointly become what we call and respect as Democracy. The Opposition must be given the due respect being a component of Democracy.

The Opposition’s role is the check and balance in the system of democracy. They should rightly be placed right in front, opposite the leaders of the ruling party. If the Johore State Assembly cannot even respect this basic principle, than they have not respected the principles of Democracy: they have not respected the rights of the Rakyat.

Even after 50 years, there is yet so much more for all of us to learn. I am sure I speak for the Rakyat when I say, all is not lost yet! Let’s keep on moving ahead after that giant leap we took on the 8th of March 2008.

BN, PR and the Rakyat, to paraphrase a quote from the Prime Minister, Let’s not work for anyone, but let’s work together; for our nation, our Malaysia.