Friday, April 18, 2008

MOVE ON - An Open Letter to the YB's

It has now been over one month since the PRU-12. The Federal and State governments have been formed. However, it is sad to note all kinds of blaming and excuses, analysis and explanations on why some have lost and others won. We read this everyday in all the main stream media as well as in the alternative media in cyberspace.

Whether it is the Barisan National or Pakatan Rakyat ruling, one thing remains; we are still an Asian community with great and admirable culture. One of these is the fact that our culture teaches us to learn from our mistakes. Our culture also teaches us not to gloat over our victories.

Therefore, it is sad to read the news of how our politicians still refuse to admit defeat and learn. Instead, some choose to live in denial. I quote Marina Mahathir in her column: Living in Denial

"Denial is a dangerous trait to have because it blinds us to problems we need to confront in order to solve them"

To those who lost, dare to admit it, dare to fail. There is absolutely nothing wrong in failure but everything wrong when we do not learn from it. It is only when they learn and change that they may win the next time round!

Similarly, for those who won, that victory comes with a lot of responsibilities. All eyes are on you to perform and deliver. The priority is to deliver first and than to correct the previous mistakes; not fault finding to punish and gain political mileage. The same people that voted you in can also vote you out; and it is these same people who voted you in, who is watching you. You owe it to the rakyat to perform and deliver.

Therefore, I urge all parties to practice our Asian culture; learn from our mistakes and be humble with our victories.

Most important of all, let us move ahead. We cannot afford to have our country to remain on election mode and be static, whilst the rest of the world moves ahead. When this happens, it actually means that we have gone backwards. We cannot afford for this to happen.

So to all elected representatives – even when you have not been sworn-in yet, you have a duty to perform. And you were elected to represent the people, not your political bosses. Get a move on; proof your worth. To those who were not elected this time round, remember, during your campaign, you promised to serve; even in defeat, you can still serve!

Hidup Malaysia, Maju Malaysia! Malaysia-ku Gemilang!

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