Friday, April 25, 2008

Gobind - The True Statesman

I attended the briefing at MPSJ today, chaired by the MP of Puchong.
The briefing was concerning the impact of traffic to Taman Wawasan due to the SETIA WALK Project.

Residents were opposed to the Traffic Light proposed by the developer. An alternative was proposed by the residents.

The chairman wasted no time in addressing the issues at hand. He took no nonsence from either the developers, their consultants nor the residents. The way he conducted the meeting, the questions he posed left no doubt in anyone's mind that this man means business!

If indeed and I believe he will, carry this to the Parliament, I have no doubt that the Rakyat's voice will be heard. To the people of Puchong, CONGRATULATIONS! for putting a great man to be your representative in Parliament.

Keep your eyes and ears glued to the parliamentary sittings - and watch out for this man, your MP - YB Gobind Singh Deo!

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