Thursday, May 14, 2009

May13th...40years on

Today, the 40th Anniversary of that black day in Malaysia's history. The day that "Unity in Diversity" actually died in Malaysia.

I was only 6 years old at that time and was living in Penang where Dad was in the Special Branch. What do I remember of it? Absolutely nothing.......except for what I later learnt as I grew up.

This evening I attended the 513 to 1Malaysia Forum at the Civic Center in MBPJ. I was interviewed by the ANTARA News Agency - on why I was there. I was there to learn more about 513 from the people who were in the thick of it than.

I was also asked what I thought would be a lesson to be learnt. I said that the lesson we must learn is that Unity is the only way forward - One Nation, One People: ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA.

This evening at the Civic Center which was filled to capacity and with many more outside - the message was clear: We want to move forward - leaving behind the shadows of 513. That BNs (and UMNOs) politicis of FEAR is no longer LAKU.

My wish and prayer now is that all those present this evening, would put into action what they agreed to and applauded. If only each can share this thought and idea with two others.....and each one willing to stand up and be counted (and risk being put in the lock-up) than and only than can we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If most of us still continue to be complacent and keep talking with no action and waiting for others, especially for the politicians to bring about change, than nothing will happen. the Tsunami of 8march08 would be nothing is we the rakyat are not prepared to take that second step.

.."for evil to succeed, it is enough that the good do nothing.." Bangkit la ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA demi masa hadapan Malaysia. HARAPAN NEGARA ada ditangan anda - Anak Bangsa Malaysia

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yapsir said...

The Klang velley churches met and prayed from till 13th.10pm.
Many of the pastors,intercessors took turns,round the clock,praying for the shadow of 513 will be no longer causing fear to the nation.
I was there on the 12th and on yesterday,I was in the Dewan.
Hearing the similarity of the calling to forget the pass,and moving above fear,and moving forward.
I said to myself,God has answered prayers of the saints.
He has cause His children and others to see the samething.
Malaysia is going to move away from racism and religion extreamism.
Lets works together,for a better tomorrow;a better Malaysia.
Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia.