Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Community Servant's Lamentation

I have committed myself to serving my community. I want to leave this country a better place, A Better Malaysia for my son and all those coming after me. I see things that are wrong and I want to correct them.

However, serving the community is a very expensive hobby. One needs strong financial support and most of all strong emotional support from those closest to you. Their understanding is most important to keep one moving forward.

In serving the community, there will be lots and lots of obstacles from all angles. There will be people who will discourage you and throwing a wet-blanket. There will be those out to frustrate your attempts and efforts to make things better.

There will be those whom we are helping that will show no appreciation but instead mock you. There will be those whom we are helping and who turns around and instead of being thankful, will treat you like a servant, as if we owe it to them to serve them.

All these are external challenges that we can easily overcome or just simply to ignore. Afterall, in committing to do volunteer community services, we do not seek to be appreciated nor to gain any personal favours. We just want to see a better community.

However, emotional support, love and care from our close ones are important elements that every volunteer needs. That encouragement from family and close ones are pillars of support. Therefore, for those who are not committed enough to go out there and serve, it is most important and necessary for you to give moral and emotional support plus encouragements to those who are out there.

Even if you cannot give the support, one should not send out negative vibes to these volunteers. Just being there would be good enough. However, sometimes in frustration we may make negative comments that can be demotivating.

I have personally come across many instances of negative comments.
“You are a failure, you have no right to talk to me!” .
“You are so stupid – helping others for what? What do you get?”
Coming from strangers is ok, but from love ones, it hurts right at the heart!

Nevertheless, I press on, putting full faith in GOD that he has plans for me. I did not give up a senior corporate position for nothing; I did it because I believe that I can make a difference. I choose to take the road less travelled because I believe that once I journey on this road, others will join me. Together we can make a difference though there may be struggles along the way.

Glory be to GOD from whom my strength comes.

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