Saturday, February 21, 2009

One week is a long time in politics.....

These wise words were spoken many many years ago by a British Parliamentarian and indeed it rings true even today; infact within the cyber space, one day is also a long time........

Malaysian politics have always been interesting and more so in the past week

Eli's picture - not completely naked but the press portrays it as if it is some sort of porno materials. The play of words in headlines (which by the way, Eli was on front page for most of the week - despite parliament being in session!). I am not to judge on morals, but Eli has clearly been victimised here. The show of support for her from friends and strangers alike has been most touching.

I have attended no fewer than 5 Support Eli gatherings....and at each and every gathering, I was touched. If only Eli could have been present to see and feel for herself the outpouring of support.
Sometimes, in public life, this kind of support is the kind of reward that means so much...but public life also comes with the negative part which sadly is what is being experienced by Eli.

However, I know Eli is a strong lady and will gain strength in God to see her through this obstacle. She will come back stronger than ever; and hey Eli, remember you told me about the few pairs of old shoes in your car, well now you know where to throw them!!! hang on there my dear sister!

RPK, with his "final words" and the appeal hearing last Monday. Being in court made me ashamed of our judiciary; yet at the same time proud of my fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia for their care and show of support; especially the younger friends. Again, I submit to the Will of God; and I am proud to be apart of the Prayer Support group for RPK - everynight at 10, lets say a prayer in our own hearts, for justice!

Now I also realise why The Palace of Justice is known in Bahasa Malaysia as Istana Kehakiman and not Istana Keadilan; they do not seem to want to practice keadilan. That is a Judicairy Palace ruled by the judges appointed by the government instead of a Palace of Justice to protect the rights of all who go before them.

If I am a lawyer I would be ashamed of the system we have in the country now. I ask lawyers to make a firm stand to change it!!!!

Perak....oh I carry 08 in my IC, I am a Perakian. Whatever is happening there is truly sad. It is the death of democracy. And worst still the Sultan is now dragged into the mess! I truly pray that justice prevails and the voice of the people will be respected. Perhaps as someone did suggest, all Perakians should wear a black armband to mourn the death of democracy in Perak.

PKR - CNY dinner of 500 tables; my my my, that was an impressive turn out and show of support. The whole event was very much a people orientated event where our representatives were given due respect but without all the protocol. PKR and Pakatan Rakyat has proven yet again that they are a government of the people for the people!

If there was a black dot was when I noticed a "leader" who jumped in to PKR from the chinese party under BN. This "leader" walked in but was full of arrogance accompanied by two bodyguards; gosh people like this coming in to PKR would bring a negative influence. They must learn to change and adapt to the PR culture and not bring in the BN culture!

Rumours going round is that this leader may be a candidate should there be a by-election in Bkt Lancan.I dread to imagine this happening.............would I campaign for a leader like this - NO WAY! But of course I will not do anything to challenge her but actively campaigning for this leader, no way !

My thoughts for this week in a nutshell