Thursday, July 10, 2008

From Macau .....

I write to you from Macau.

I was greeted here with heavy rain (showers of blessings). I can be contacted in Macau on 00 - 853 - 6650 65 46.

As always I will be keeping a close watch on the Malaysian Scene and blogging on it from Macau. This would mean I am seeing things from a slightly different perspective.

Meanwhile, many Malaysians in Macau in the gaming industry. Saw quite a few of them at the Immigration Department this morning. They were there for their VISA application.

I hope to actually meet up with these Malaysians here over the next few weeks. It would be interesting to see thier viewpoints about working here in Macau and also their take on Malaysia.

Will write more soon.....

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Anonymous said...

Hi..Angie here..I have read your blog. Seem interesting.