Monday, February 29, 2016

The Muslim Model Show 2016, week 3.

This week,  contestants had to take part in a Business Challenge. They  had to work as a team to market a Sponsor's product: car care package.

As they were informed 4 days earlier of the task and grouping, they were more prepared. They researched and had their own group's discussion and planning.

My role was to share marketing approaches, cold call ice breakers, sales pitch and team work.

What did I learn this week?

That the contestants are a truly committed group of young people. Committed to being a top Muslim model, enduring long hours, being thrown into the deep end of a pool. They did not complaint but struggled through and emerged a better person.

I also learnt that in this modelling world, success is like a roller coaster, a top 5 can be a bottom 5 in just one challenge. That is reality. In as much as you care for another, you must also protect your interest and watch out for your competitors. Your "friend" could just be your competitor.

However one important lesson we hope to share is that your competitor does not necessarily be your enemy. In climbing the ladder of success, we do not have to kick others because you still need to step on them to move up. Without them as competitors, you have no challenge and motivation to improve.

More than all these, one important thing for me is how we have bonded together in just 3 weeks. We were strangers 3 weeks ago: became friends and in the 3rd week were like a family. I have  new adopted children, brothers and sisters. Even the parents and families of the contestants bonded with us too.

Even as we shared our experiences, we too learnt so much about humility, about friendship and about trust and faith.
I am truly proud to be a part of Muslim Model Show 2016.

I started off being a part of this programme because I supported the work of the founder. However, in just 3 weeks, I now see myself truly caring and being concerned for each one of the contestant, their health, the welfare and their well being.

Many have accepted me as their elder, not just shaking my hands but in the true Muslim teaching, bringing my hand to their forehead as a form of respect and hugging me like a brother. These simple gestures are the true reward for me, making me feel that the time and effort spent with this extended family is well worth it.

I live the spirit of unity with all of them, despite our cultural and religious differences, we are united as one big family.

Thank you MMS2016.

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