Monday, July 14, 2014

My thoughts for July

Midway through Ramadhan and we celebrate Germany winning the World Cup, with dark rings round our eyes.

We also read about the atrocities in Gaza, the killings and are reminded of the evil that men can do.

Indonesia rides through the rough sea of uncertainty following a nail biting election with both sides claiming victory.

Closer to home, a new group Negara Ku is set to stir patriotism and to bring unity back to Malaysia. This same group is also getting certain groups agitated claiming NegaraKu is out to create problems and not unity.

And of course I celebrated my 51st birthday with family and friends over a few separate occassions. Each celebration being unique and special. I also managed a visit to Wat Arun amd Wat Po in Bangkok.

So whats my thoughts for July. Whats my reflection?

July always bring back memories of TeohBengHock and all those who died in custody. I am particularly touched and affected with TBH's case. In particular I am concerned with the welfare of the assisstants and officers of the PR elected representatives, of which I am one of them.

These PAs, are being paid meagre allowances for a difficult responsibility. Those working in the State Secretariat in the EXCO offices are perhaps better off. Those serving in the service centers are mostly living below minimum wage allowances.

They continue to serve because most are dedicated to the struggle to see CHANGE, to build a better Malaysia.

What is sad to see is how the community sees and treats the assistants. They see us as servants to shout at, to hassle and to vent their frustrations. The civil servants too show little respect to these PAs.

However, when they see the elected representative, they treat the YB like semi God. These same people who hassle the PAs and expect the PA to listen and run around for them.

It should be remembered that YBs were elected by the voters to represent them and to serve the community. The YBs are paid a salary and allowance for their services. Not all PAs and assistants  are full time salaried staff. Many are volunteers out to make a contribution to society.

Our communities should learn to respect all who serve in whatever position they are at. YBs should be given due respect but not treated like God. We should remember, its the team that ultimately determines how well the YB serves.

So this July my thoughts are for the services of the PR representatives personal assistants and officers. May they have the strength to continue their services with or without any appreciation from society.

I pray for peace for the soul of TeohBengHock, a political assistant who paid the ultimate price for his services.

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